Reborning dolls?? What is that??

I will try to make a short explanation what a reborn doll is and how reborning dolls is done.

1. We usually start with a USA Berenguer doll or a reborn doll kit. They Berenguer dolls come in different expressions and without hair. Their bodies are stuffed cloth bodies but their arms and legs are not jointed. The reborn doll kits are unpainted vinyl or siliconevinyl doll parts wiyhout eyes and hair. With a doll kit you move on to painting straight away and no cleaning is necessary. When using a doll kit you may hear of the term "newborning" instead of reborning.

2. The doll is taken apart and the stuffing is kept for later. The head is boiled in hot water and the factory eyes are pushed out of the head.

3. The doll is washed with colour removers to remove all the factory paint and washed in a foam bath. It is left to dry a couple of days.

4. All the vinyl parts (head, arms & legs) are painted with a special mix of quality Genesis heat set paints. The paint is applied up to 2-4 very thin layers. The paint is made permanent by baking the vinyl parts in the oven for a few minutes. Genesis is permanent and wont fade or rub off. The head, arms and legs are coloured in every little creese and blushed in all the right places. Finger- and toenails are carefully painted, tipped with white and sealed with varnish. The lips are painted and sealed with varnish.

5. The new eyes are glued in place and a strong magnet is glued inside the back of the mouth. The nostrils are carefully opened and backed on the inside with felt for a realistic depth. The doll is now a "breather".

6. The limbs and head are filled with clothbags of glass sand and stuffed with polyfill for the right weight. Everything is sealed with silicone and left to dry for a cuple of days.

7. The doll parts are assembled to itīs new quality doe suede or flanell jointed body.

8. The mohair wig is glued in place. Left to dry for a day and then brushed, cut and styled to the right look. Or the hair is microrooted and cut to a very realistic baby hair style.

9. The eyelashes are glued in place and the eyebrows are delicately painted.

10. Selected quality baby clothes is put on to finish the gorgeous baby. A diaper (nappy) and a magnetic pacifier is added to the babys comfort. A birthcertificate, certificate of authenticity, identity band, bracelet/necklace, hairclips/bows and a plushtoy are other items that usually comes together with a reborn doll.

11. All in all the reborning process to create a quality reborn baby doll takes at least 10-20 hours and often much more.

We have searched for information and manuals about reborning and developed our skills along the way.We have been reborning dolls for a year now and our dolls have gotten much attention where they have been shown.

This sure is a hobby that is time consuming in a positive sense. It makes you want to do more all the time. No doll is like the other and every reborn doll has its very special charm.

Barbro & Kristina



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