Sadie May

Born: 2010-02-06

Weight: 2500 g

Length: 52 cm

Baby Sadie May started out as a kit, originally sculpted by the artist Elly Knoops, in a numbered limited edition nr 5 of 300 kits. She´s got chubby arms and legs (3/4 vinyl part) She´s got beautiful mouthblown hazel glass eyes from Lauscher Germany, real looking eyelashes and very subtle eyebrows. Sadie May has a for her special doe suede body. She has the perfect weight and cuddly body. Sadie May is now a collectible artist doll and not a toy.



Sadie May kommer hem till er med:

  • a light pink dress with lace and bows sewn in England

  • a matching bonnet with lace flounce

  • white knickers with lace flounce

  • pink satin shoes and white lace socks

  • a white plush dog with bow

  • a magnetic pacifier

  • a pearlbracelet

  • a namebracelet

  • a pediatric bracelet

  • diapers

  • a signed Capellias Reborn Babies certificate of authenticity

  • a birthcertificate with the babies name (optional name)

  • The Artists Emporium numbered certificate signed by Elly Knoops

Kristina & Barbro

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