Born: 2011-03-08

Weight: 3075 g

Length: 56 cm

Baby Noel started out as a kit in limited edition originally sculpted by the artist Maribel Valles Villanova. Hes got chubby 3/4 length arms and legs and mouthblown hazel eyes from Lauscher. His hair has been carefully rooted by hand and is high quality light brown mohair. He has the perfect weight and is now a collectible artist doll and not a toy.
















Noel comes home with:

  • the clothes on every picture

  • a lightblue blanket

  • a plush lion

  • a magnetic lightblue pacifier

  • a bottle of face formula

  • a pearlbracelet

  • a namebracelet

  • a pediatric bracelet

  • diapers

  • care instructions

  • a signed Capellias Reborn Babies certificate of authenticity

  • a birthcertificate with the babies name (optional name)

Kristina & Barbro

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