Born: 2011-03-04

Weight: 3000 g

Length: 64 cm

Baby Elliot started out as a kit in the limited edition no 108 of 150, originally sculpted by the artist Jacqueline Gwin. Heīs got chubby 3/4 length arms and legs. The limbs are filled and weighted with glass sand and polyfill and sealed with silicone. His head is also weighted and filled with glass sand and polyfill sealed with silicone. Elliot has a doe suede body and it is filled with polyfill and small sewn bags with glass sand and granules. He has the perfect weight and is now a collectible artist doll and not a toy.















Elliot has beautiful dark blue glass eyes from Lauscher Germany, real looking eyelashes and very subtle eyebrows. His lips have been painted realistically and a very thin layer of matte varnish has been applied. A strong magnet is glued inside his head behind the mouth. He has a magnetic pacifier to comfort him from time to time. Please note that the magnets are very strong and should be kept away from computers and other electronical products with memoryfunction. The magnets can easily be removed if you want.










His little finger- and toenails have been painted and coated with matte varnish.

Elliotīs beautiful living skincolor has been achieved by mixing high quality permanent Genesis paint. The mixture used for each doll is totally unique and therefore every doll gets itīs very own special finish. The paint has been applied in several layers until the perfect color is achieved for the particular doll. He even has very fine veins on her legs, arms and head. Elliot has also been "blushed" in all the right places included every tiny crease. His nostrils has been opened carefully and a small piece of felt has been glued inside the head for that realistic depth.




Elliotīs hair has been microrooted by hand. We have used the highest quality mohair. It is blonde, slightly wavy and can easily be combed and styled.


Elliot comes home with:

  • dark blue and white striped set from spook Laban and Nowa Li with onesie, trousers, socks and hat

  • a light blue and white romper with embroidered puppies, matching white t-shirt from "Le Top Baby" and a matching hat with ears

  • matching cap and a matching beret

  • "Laban" plush spook hand doll

  • a magnetic Disney pacifier

  • a pearlbracelet

  • a namebracelet

  • a pediatric bracelet

  • diapers

  • a Jacqueline Gwin certificate no 108 of 150

  • a signed Capellias Reborn Babies certificate of authenticity

  • a birthcertificate with the babies name (optional name)

Kristina & Barbro

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