If you´re looking for the reborn baby doll of your dreams you have come to the right place. We accept custom orders to make a baby doll after your wishes. On this page you can view some examples of dolls and kits available to choose from. Please note that the pictures show what the doll can look like when finished.

However, if you have a certain doll or doll kit in mind you are welcome to contact us for further information. The options regarding doll kit, hairstyle, haircolor are several and you can also choose eyecolor and eyematerial. Other things to consider are the choice between girl or boy, anatomically correct bellyplate and the type of layette (clothing) the baby should have to become your dreamdoll. The completed doll will measure app. 45-56 cm and weigh 1,5-3,5 kilos (depending on the model) The pricerange will also depend upon how much the kit costs to purchase. A numbered and signed limited edition kit will of course be more expensive.

Included in the basic price are:

  • the painted doll with handrooted hair in the color of your choice

  • acrylic eyes in the color of your choice and eyelashes applied by hand.

  • a doe suede body

  • a layette ( for example a bonnet, a dress and a pair of socks in the color of your choice)

  • a plush toy

  • a magnetic-pacifier

  • a namebracelet

  • a pearlbracelet

  • a diaper

  • Capellias Reborn Babies certificate of autenticity

  • Capellias Reborn Babies birth certificate

  • Ev. a certificate from the original sculptor of the doll kit

  • Capellias Reborn Babies logo on the doe suede body

Different options:

  • "Living skin" - painted for a more natural baby skin

  • a skincolored body made out of skin touch material

  • a bellyplate

  • mouthblown or solid glasseyes from Lauscher Germany

  • extra thick or extra long rooted hair

  • some extra sets of clothes

  • matching baby blanket

  • extra magnetic-pacifiers

  • extra diapers

  • a small babybottle with fake formula

Available doll kits

Romie Strydom

"Kelly Ann" av Romie Strydom will be 50 cm.

Joanna Gomes

"Amelie" av Joanna Gomes blir 48-50 cm.

"Hanna" av Joanna Gomes will be 50 cm.

Elisa Marx

"Marly Jo" by Elisa Marx will be 50 cm.

Jacqueline Gwin

"Summer" by Jacqueline Gwin will be 50 cm.

Tamie Yarie

"Derrick" by Tamie Yarie will be 48 cm and is a sold out numbered signed limited edition kit with certificate

"Layla" by Tamie Yarie will be 48 cm and is a sold out numbered signed limited edition kit with certificate

Simply Reborn Ltd

"My baby" by Maribel Villanova will be 48 cm and is a numbered (only 150 kits made) signed limited edition kit with certificate.



Bellyplates, boy or girl, suitable for dolls 49-51 cm.


Smaller nonsexed for dolls 36-43 cm.

Medium nonsexed for dolls 46-49 cm.

Larger nonsexed for dolls 51-56 cm.

Bigger toddler nonsexed for dolls 66-71 cm.


You can choose between hair done with hand rooted mohair or a mohair wig in the color of your choice.

Micro Rooted Mohair

High quality mohair micro rooted by hand in your choice of either straight, slightly wavy, wavy or curly mohair. Available colors are pale blonde, blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, red or black.

pale blonde


strawberry blonde


light brown

medium brown

dark brown


Kemper Cassidy wig

color strawberry blonde (also available in blonde, light brown and dark brown)

Mikayla wig

color blonde (also available in strawberry blonde, light brown and dark brown)


Lauscher mouthblown solid glass eyes

We also have full round mouthblown Lauscher glass eyes in various colors on request.

Eyeco acrylic eyes

Skin color and texture

We can offer different coloring from pale to darker ethnic and asian skin tones. We can also make "living skin" on the newborn baby models to achieve ultimate realism. The term "living skin" is used to describe the mottled look on a newborn baby´s skin.

Custom order terms

1/3 of the finished dolls price is to be paid as deposit when placing a custom order. The actual sum of the finished doll will vary depending on your custom order choices made. Approximately somewhere between 350 - 800 Euros when everything is included in your order. Be prepared to wait at least two months for your finished baby doll. The deposit is non refundable and will cover the cost of material and work hours spent on creating your doll. That is if you can´t follow through the payment plan agreed upon when ordering. The remaining sum is to be paid when the doll is finsihed and you have recieved photos of your baby doll. If you by any chance should be unhappy with the doll you recieve we accept returns within 3 days of delivery. 2/3 of the total price will be refunded when the doll and all accessories have been returned in the same condition as when we sent it.


Placing an order

When you have decided to place an order we would like to know the following:

1. Doll kit (model)

2. Hair (rooted hair or wig, hairstyle and color)

3. Eyes (acrylic or glass and color)

4. Clothing (style and color)

5. Name of your choice

6. Choices among the different options written above

Please contact us by mail regarding any questions you might have.


We ship worldwide but we are not responsible for any custom fees, taxes or charges that might apply in your country. So please check import rules and regulations. Please contact us if you have any questions about the shipping cost to your country.

Insured shipping to countries within the European Union is Taxfree and around 35 £ and as Sweden is a member of the EU no taxes/custom fees will be charged within the EU. Insured shipping to the UK is also 35 £. Insured shipping within Sweden is 175 SEK.  Insured shipping to the USA and Canada is 40 £. Please note that these postage fees might be subject to change depending on the postal service chosen and the weight of the finished doll in its package.

Place your order inquiry using the mailbutton below:

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