Born: 2012-11-03

Weight: 1450 g

Length: 48 cm

Baby Charlie started out as a "China" kit, originally sculpted by the artist Cathy Rowland. Hes got 3/4 length vinyl chubby arms and legs and an optional baby vinyl bellyplate. His hair has been microrooted in babybrown soft straight mohair and can be carefully moisted and combed. He has been realistically painted with permanent Genesis heat set paints and has the look of "living skin". Baby "Charlie" is now a collectible artist doll and not a toy.


























Charlie will come home to you with:

  • white longsleeved oncie with blue stiches

  • romper with cat patterns

  • matching hat

  • soft bunny rattle from Stephan Baby

  • a magnetic pacifier

  • a pearlbracelet

  • a namebracelet

  • a pediatric bracelet

  • diapers

  • a signed Capellias Reborn Babies certificate of authenticity

  • a birthcertificate with the babies name

Kristina & Barbro

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